CTA: Step Up Your Marketing Game

A call to action (commonly referred to as CTA) is crucial and should be included in all marketing material. It is essentially a statement that prompts action from a consumer in an advertisement. An example of this is the saying “sign up now” on poster for gym membership. Digitally, CTAs take many forms, because unlike a poster, they can encourage people to click on a link, fill out a form, or do other things directly with ease. One form that people commonly see is pop-ups. Pop-ups prompt viewers to do something like “order now”, “sign up for our newsletter”, or “get a 10% discount when you share your email”. These are great ways to grab the attention of people visiting your website.

Banner ads, the rectangular and sometimes animated ads seen on websites, must include a CTA. Without one, what is an internet user supposed to do? The goal of a banner ad is to get people to visit a website. This is commonly to do things like get people to sign up for an event, apply for a job opening, or check out a sale. Without a CTA there is no reason for someone to click on a banner ad. It should be clear and attention grabbing as website visitors will only glance at them briefly. Because people process images 60,000 times faster than text, and they are typically small, ads should have more attention-grabbing imagery and strip down text to what is truly important.

One of their main purposes of marketing materials that people sign up for, such as newsletters or text messaging, is to get people to interact with your business. These CTAs might look like “sign up for our meet and greet”, “check out these hot new deals”, or “view new products”. These are especially important as consumers have already shown interest in your business by signing up and these statements nudge a consumer further towards the end of the marketing funnel.

All social media posts should also include a CTA, even if it isn’t a direct advertisement. Advertising posts might include many of the phrases already listed in this blog. Other posts should include CTAs that boost engagement. Engagement is when someone interacts with a post in some way including likes, shares, and comments. To gain more interactions posts might include phrases like “comment what you think”, “like to see part two”, “share with someone who also loves dogs”, or other statements that encourage social interactions. Engagement increases how many people see your post. The more people who see your posts see your page. More people seeing your page means that more people following your page. This all gives your brand more visibility which results in more sales.

It is clear that CTAs are a necessary part of every form of advertising, beyond the few that are listed in this article. If you are interested in what you learned from this article, consider consulting our marketing experts for ways to get your message out there. We offer a variety of advertising strategies that will call consumers to take action and increase your sales.

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