Video Production

Video Production

Our in-house video production team will create video’s that evoke lasting, memorable impressions. With the right message, music, VoiceOver, and crew; we can make sure your advertising campaigns are backed with a great production resource. Let us help you build brand awareness by visually telling your story.

Engage Viewers and Increase Understanding

Video ads merge two things that catch user attention: movement and sound. Both play an important role in conveying an efficient message, hence leading to better engagement. 95% of people would rather watch a video than read text. Video engages the viewer and increases the understanding of your product or service 3x more than any other medium. Offering advertising videos such as commercials, features and pre-rolls, explainer videos, testimonials, training videos, brand videos, promos and teasers.

Types of Video Production:

  • 15, 30, 60 Second Media
  • Voiceover & B Roll
  • Narrative
  • Testimonial Driven
  • Interview Style
  • Drone & 360
  • Long form story-telling
  • Specialty Programs

Examples Of Our Work

Long Form Testimonial

Business Profile Video
Kimball Health

Town Promo Video
Long Pine

A Client Testimonial

A :30 Sec TV Commercial
Eye Care Associates

A :30 Sec TV Commercial
Northeast Nebraska Insurance Agency

A :30 Sec TV Commercial
House of Color

A :30 Sec Employee Testimonial

A :30 Sec Employee Testimonial
Great Dane

A :15 Sec Pre-Roll Video
Sunny Meadow Medical Clinic

A :15 Sec Pre-Roll Video
Beatrice Mercantile

A :30 Sec Employee Testimonial
Flatwater Firearms

Custom Video Segment
Faith Regional Physician Services

Virtual Tour
Gary’s Foodtown