News Channel Nebraska

News Channel Nebraska

News Channel Nebraska (NCN) is the only in-state, independent television network of its kind. One of the largest news operations in Nebraska, we connect communities across the state by redefining how content is created and delivered to our valuable viewers. Our station gives you access to local audiences who stay informed of news, weather, sports, traffic, and local lifestyles. Broadcast TV provides advertisers the opportunity for a large area reach.

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Focused on Nebraska

Nebraskans enjoy a sense of place and purpose. But a state carved into six different DMAs is not a state united. For decades, thousands of Nebraskans in the panhandle knew more about Denver’s news than their own. Similarly, northern Nebraska is divided into five different DMAs ranging from Rapid City to Sioux Falls to Sioux City. NCN is different. As an independent television network, NCN’s time is its own and its only focus is on Nebraska.

News Channel Nebraska (NCN) is a unique station unlike any other. We are committed to bringing you free, independent, rural news, sports, and entertainment throughout the state of Nebraska. Founder Mike Flood, says in addition to news, NCN is committed to continuously growing its unique programming. “We wanted to continue to develop programming that touch people, that serve our audience and connect with them at home in addition to our news and sports. Programs like daily Mass with Father Joe Miksch in Columbus, Sunday church services, and live music featuring Nebraska musicians on Quarantine Tonight. All of these programs together have helped shape what News Channel Nebraska is today.”

Special Focus on Rural Areas, Community Events, and Agriculture

NCN delivers local weather every ten minutes, statewide and local news coverage, Husker coverage and high school sports; it also offers a special focus on rural areas, community events and agriculture. For years, the people in the bigger cities enjoyed the limelight because that’s where the television stations were located. Today, NCN enables small, rural towns to celebrate as the summer Legion ball team is broadcast live in HD across the state. Friday night football becomes the top attraction all over the Sandhills and NCN is there to showcase what happens. we pride ourself on being an active member of the communities we cover and serve.

Advertise on NCN and reach over 500,000 homes on our network through local cable providers, through streaming NCN at, downloading the NCN app or streaming on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku and by over-the-air antenna to access live entertainment.

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